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What is Naturae®?

Naturae® is the first Biofactory of Europe destined to obtain NATURAL, HEALTHY and UNIQUE products, based on biotechnology and ecology, with our own crops.

What we do?

With our own biotechnology, we extract from nature different vitamins, minerals, bioactive and medicinal molecules, from the kingdom of the fungi and other vegetables.

What we offer?

  • Healthy food supplements and high-quality natural cosmetics which can be instantly consumed.
  • Differentiated active ingredients from mushrooms and vegetables, which can be incorporated to traditional food as ingredients.
  • Juices and other healthy natural food.

Our added value

  • Our ingredients come from our own or associated crops, cultivated in an ecological or sustainable way.
  • Innovative and advanced biotechnology which lets us obtain high efficient quality products, avoiding the use of chemical reagents which generate allergies and damage the environment.
  • Unique natural products which improve the health and well-being of people who consume it.

Our team

People are the main value of Naturae®. Our dynamic team of professionals (nutritionists, chemists, biologists, engineers and mycologists) has extensive knowledge and ample experience in this sector


Our pioneer project would not have been possible without an independent and professional group of scientists, who has taken part in all of our research.